Esthetician Program

Atlanta, Georgia Esthetician School

Program Objective
The objective of the Esthetician program is to develop in the student the practical skills, theoretical knowledge and professional attitudes necessary for success in the Esthetic industry and profession. To provide a content-rich curriculum that meets State, National and International requirements in theory, lab, and clinical experience, and that prepares students to confidently enter the industry ready to work. To train students to critically think as they assess and address the individual needs of each client. The goal of this program is to qualify and equip the student with the tools, experience and confidence necessary to pass the State of Georgia Licensing Examination and to assure the student is the top candidate for future employers or business opportunities.

Program description
ESI offers an exciting the 1000 hour esthetician program for licensure where you can become an esthetician technician in 9- 13 months. The ESI dynamic esthetician program is facilitated in the state of the art school and spa (student clinic).

The Elaine Sterling Institute offers the 1000-hour esthetician program for licensure in the state of Georgia. Our Institute has the latest spa equipment available, making ESI renowned for combining European standards with American Science.

Here is just a snippet of what makes us the premiere esthetics school in Atlanta:

  • Strong academic standards
  • High expectations of professionalism
  • Connect studies with the real world
  • Build quality business relationships through constant networking
  • Performance-based education
  • Seamless transition from school to the workplace
  • Cutting-edge skincare technology
  • Access to industry leaders
  • Smaller classes and more individual attention
  • International certification through ITEC and CIDESCO program

“The goal of the Elaine Sterling Institute is to provide programs of educational excellence that combine classical European traditions of skincare with modern American scientific technologies.”

At the Elaine Sterling Institute, we try our best to accommodate individuals from all walks of life, and this often includes a multitude of schedules. We offer a series of programs to choose from in order to suit your scheduling needs.

Full-Time Esthetician Day Program
Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

Part Time Esthetician Evening Program
Monday through Thursday from 5.30pm (6:00 pm) to 10.00 pm and every Saturday 8.30am-4.30pm

Tuition $16,432 (Including non-refundable student kit)
Registration Fees $55
TOTAL: $16,487

ESI offers tuition payment plans and offer federal financial aid. Tuition and registration payments can be made online in our tuition payment section of our website. More information can be found about financial aid and tuition on our Financial Aid page.

Tuition and fee payments may be arranged on a weekly or monthly basis. The first payment is due on the first day of class, and on the 10th day of each month thereafter.

Professional Practices: 150 Theory/Clock hours

Professional Ethics: 20 Theory/Clock Hours

Business Practices: 80 Theory/Clock Hours

Sciences: 320

Cleansing and Disinfection of Tools, Implements & Equipment (5 hours/10 Applications)

  • Brushes, Tools & skincare implements: 3 service hours/6 applications
  • Facial stations, beds & equipment: 1 service hours/2 applications
  • Hai removal & waxing stations: 1 service hour/2 applications

Body Treatments (70 service applications)

  • Massage: 25 applications
  • Wraps: 15 applications
  • Cellulite: 10 applications
  • Aromatherapy: 10 applications
  • Reflexology: 10 applications

Facials (115 service applications)

  • Spa Facials: 75 Applications
  • Machine Facials: 30 Applications
  • Pre-Op therapy: 5 service hours/10 Applications
  • Post-Op therapy: 5 service hours/10 Applications

Makeup (90 service applications)

  • Client Consultations & Skin analysis: 20 service hours/40 applications
  • Application: 30 service hours/30 Applications
  • Contouring: 10 service hours/20 Applications
  • Color Accent: 10 service Applications/20 Applications
  • Camouflage Makeup: 10 service Applications/10 Applications
  • Eyelash Tabbing & Strips: 10 Service Application Hours/20 Applications

Hair Removal (75 service applications)

  • Lip, Chin, Face (tweezing, waxing, threading): 10 service hours/20 applications
  • Leg Wax: 20 service hours/20 applications
  • Bikini Waxing: 10 service hours/20 applications
  • Torso, Back & Arm Waxing: 10 service hours/20 applications

Brow Arching & shaping: 25 service hours

  • Brow tweezing & Threading: 10 service hours/20 applications
  • Brow Waxing: 10 service hours/20 applications
  • Brow Lashing & Tinting: 5 service hours/10 applications

Spa/Salon Management: 75 service hours

  • Front desk
  • Marketing: Business, client product
  • Managerial responsibilities
  • Client retention and tracking
  • Business management
  • Business record management
  • Profit & Loss statement management

Student Credit Hours

  • One Facial= 1 clock hour application
  • One Makeup= 1 clock hour application
  • One client consultation & skin analysis=30 minutes per application
  • One contouring and color accent=30 minutes per application
  • Eye lash tabbing and strips= 30 minutes per application
  • One hair removal, waxing or threading (lip, chin face)= 30 minutes per application
  • One arching= 30 minutes per application
  • Eyebrow 7 eye lash tinting= 1 clock hour per application
  • One body treatment= 1 clock hour per application
  • One hair removal (legs) 2 clock hours per application
  • One hair removal (bikini)=30 minutes per application
  • Torso, back or arm wax=30 minutes per application

Media Books
Milady’s Standard Esthetician Coursemate & e-book, 
My ESI Course online classroom resources
, ITEC e-leaning

Students will receive an ESI Hoodie, an equipment bag, Samsung tablet, Makeup Kit and an esthetician kit with all the necessary instruments and materials to perform the required services.

After a student completes 1000 hours, services, exams and fulfills all financial obligations to the school, a certificate will be awarded.

Completion Time
Completion time depends on the schedule the student chooses and attends regularly. Based on a Full Time schedule, the normal time frame of completion would be 9 months. The Part Time Day schedule time frame of completion would be 12 months. The Part Time Evening Schedule time frame of completion would be 14 months.

At the Elaine Sterling Institute, our expansive curriculum offers a multitude of skills and certifications. The lists below breakdown exactly what skills and certifications you can achieve, and the level requirements show our curriculum for each level of our programs. Upon completion of the Esthetician Program, students will complete 3 levels.

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microcurrent
  • LED (Light Emitting Diodes)
  • Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber (Ultrasound)
  • Brush Machine
  • Vacuum Spray Machine (lymphatic drainage with the aid of machines)
  • High Frequency (Indirect, and Direct)
  • Galvanic
  • Digital Skin Analysis Scanner
  • Esthetician Certificate
  • Chemical Peels
  • OSHA education
  • Medical Charting
  • Skin analysis
  • Basic and advanced massage techniques (hands, feet, back, face and décolleté)
  • Pre and post-operative skin treatments
  • Elaine Sterling Skincare facials
  • Elaine Sterling Skincare Facial with machines
  • Brow Design (tweezing, waxing, threading)
  • Lash and Brow tinting
  • Back treatments
  • Back treatments with hot stones
  • Color Theory
  • Advanced makeup techniques (day, evening, runway, special occasion, fantasy, editorial, high fashion)
  • False lash application
  • Eye lash extension application
  • Advanced waxing techniques (Brow, Full leg, underarm, bikini, Speed waxing, facial waxing, arm waxing)
  • Nutrition
  • Advanced skin analysis
  • Oncology
  • Chemical Peels (Spa Grade and Medical Grade Peels)
  • Emeralds and Ice
  • Paramedical Skincare Treatments
  • Body Wrap
  • Salt Scrub
  • Sugaring

Foundation- Skin & eye

0-250 Hours

Course Description
The students are about to embark on a journey into a career ripe with opportunity for success and personal satisfaction. The need for professional estheticians continues to grow in new and exciting ways. As a therapist you represent both your profession and your employer and, when you consult with clients they are placing their confidence in you as a professional. Being a professional in the skincare business starts on day one of class at The Elaine Sterling Institute.

History and Career Opportunities in Esthetics
Life Skill
Your Professional Image
Communicating for success
Infection control: Principles and Practices
Anatomy & Physiology
Physiology and Histology of the Skin
The Treatment Room
Facial Treatments
Facial Massage

General Sciences and Safety

Anatomy and physiology of the human body from cells to body systems. Eleven body systems will be studied to understand how the human body functions. Cytology and the integumentary system will be studied thoroughly to assure detailed and vast knowledge of the core component and basis of the skincare profession. Microbiology will be covered to include three classifications of bacteria, how they grow and reproduce, modes of transmission, and the diseases related to various strains. Additionally students will discover the difference between bacterial and viral infections.

Knowledge of bacteria and virus transmission will aid your study of standard safety and sanitary measures.OSHA and MSDS will be discussed along with proper handling of hazardous materials and disposal of sharp instruments. This course covers standard precautions and introduction to HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. CPR\FIRST AID certification class will be provided.

Standard Treatment Setup and Procedure

Preparation & setup will be practiced in the clinic. Students will learn how to greet clients and practice proper consultation dialogue. Additionally students will earn how to record, read and assess all related patient\client forms. Treatment indications and contraindications will also be discussed as well as ethical and professional methods of draping the clients. The clinic portion of this section focuses on European style facial techniques, correct cleansing methods, and exfoliation methods. The students will learn how to complete both the basic facial and the European facial. Students will also learn the correct products for treatments and skin types, as well as proper use of steam machines and hot towels.

Paramedical Aesthetics & Pharmacology LVL-2 

A complete and thorough skin analysis is the backbone to a successful skincare treatment. The students will learn to conduct a comprehensive skin analysis whereby they should be able to recognize skin types, skin conditions, Fitzpatrick, the Glogau and Gubin classifications and when to suggest further investigation by physicians.
The students will understand the importance of not diagnosing disease but be able to recognize diseases and disorders and know when they are contraindicated to the facial service.  Skin analysis will be demonstrated and mastered using both a magnifying lamp and the digital skin scanner and wood lamp.

All aspects of clinical and paramedical esthetics are discussed in this level. The students will learn more sophisticated devices and electrical safety will be taught. The students will learn how these advanced electrical devices affect the skin. Chemical peels will be discussed and demonstrated. The history and science of chemical peels will be explained and how percentage and pH plays a role in selecting the correct peel for the client’s particular skin condition. The lectures will include both theoretical aspects as well as demonstrations on all electrical apparatus. All aspects of equipment safety and laws will be taught.

We concentrate on chemistry and cosmetic sciences. Advances in the science of cosmetics have provided new techniques in response to the demand from clients and estheticians. As an esthetician you will be working with chemistry every day. The effects of cosmetics and skincare products are based on how the skin reacts to chemicals. To understand how different chemicals affect the skin, and to choose the correct products and cosmetics for each client’s skin type.

Pro Artist
Students will engage in learning the art of makeup to include color theory, set-up procedure and client consultation. The application of makeup will be studied and practiced. Basic makeup, evening, special occasion and bridal applications will be explored. Corrective makeup is taught for the purpose of camouflaging post-operative bruising, scars and pigmentation disorders. Temporary and semi -permanent eyelashes, lash and brow tinting will be demonstrated. Students will learn the structure and function of the pilosebaceous unit and its substructures. Morphology and types of hair will be covered in this course. Related diseases and disorders that affect hair growth will be discussed. Students will learn the contraindications to waxing services. Universal precautions will be discussed and practiced as well as correct sanitation and disinfection methods. Students will learn the protocol of hair removal through tweezing or waxing with the use of hard and soft wax on numerous faces and body parts. Brow shaping, Brow design, Lash and Brow tinting will be demonstrated and taught. Additionally, the theory of other methods of hair removal such sugaring and threading will be explained. Laser physics and safety will be discussed.

Holistic Sciences\Business Dynamics LVL-3

The products estheticians use are the lifeblood of the facial treatment. Estheticians need to know about advanced ingredients and treatments. The skincare industry is a multi-billion dollar industry of which we are a part of. As an esthetician you will need to know a wide spectrum of skincare products, how they work and how they are used. You will need to make decisions about products and how they best suit your client’s skin type and skin condition. Knowing product ingredients and the sources they are derived from is important to your success as an educator and a resource to your clients.

Emphasis is on professionalism during this course while students engage in the learning of the business side of the service-orientated spa industry. Career opportunities will be covered and students will explore all the opportunities available to them as a licensed esthetician. Students will have an opportunity to develop a business plan, draw blue prints, and design an entrepreneurship, retailing, sales techniques, and how to build a spa business. The principles of resume and cover letter writing will be taught. Spa industry statistics will be discussed as well as liability insurance and risk reduction for the licensed esthetician.

We investigate and learn about a holistic approach to skincare and skincare treatments. Understanding natural ingredients and different philosophies such as the eastern methodology of skin diagnosis is explored.

You will learn a variety of eastern and western techniques such as reflexology, aromatherapy and advanced
massage techniques.

Holistic Sciences & Business Dynamics

650-750 HOURS

Course Description
Level three emphasizes professionalism, spa business, advanced skincare treatments and holistic sciences. The different career opportunities within the spa industry will be discussed. Students will have an opportunity to develop business plans, draw blue prints, create a spa menu and understand the importance of retail and sales. The principles of resume writing and cover letter writing will be taught. Spa industry statistics will be discussed as well as the importance of liability insurance and risk reduction for the licensed esthetician. Mock interviews will be held and facilitated by industry professionals to assist you with perfecting your interview style and prepare you for your transition from school to the work place.

The products estheticians utilize in the treatment room is the lifeblood of the facial service. Estheticians need to know about advanced ingredients and treatments in order to stay ahead of industry trends. Understanding ingredients and how they affect the skin will be discussed at length. Recommending skincare products according to the clients’ skin type, skin condition and life style will be taught and demonstrated.

Holistic Sciences will be introduced within level 3. The esthetician should look at the client holistically and utilize different treatment methods to assist the client in achieving their skin care goals. Reflexology, Ayervedic methology, hot stone treatments, lymphatic drainage, introduction to Chinese medicine, pressure point massage and many other alternative treatments will be discussed and demonstrated. A thorough understating of the basics of nutrition will be taught within this section to better guide your clients on adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Skincare Product Chemistry & Ingredients
Career Planning
Skincare Business
Selling Products and Services
Basics of Nutrition

Holistic Sciences:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage of the face
  • Reflexology of the foot, hands and ears
  • Aromatherapy treatments
  • Spa Body therapy

*When student has completed Level 3 requirements, they must pass an evaluation with a score of 75% or higher to graduate.

Total Hours and credits needed to complete the esthetician Program = 1000 hours/credits REQUIRED

Makeup & Waxing

750-1000 Hours

Course Description
The Pro artistry level will exceed your expectations regarding Hair Removal and the execution/technique of Make-up application conducted in a high-energy learning atmosphere. 
Hands on practical clinic sessions are facilitated by an educator who has in-depth knowledge and experience. 
Expert guest speakers that are industry leaders will provide pertinent information regarding camouflage make-up techniques & other various mainstream treatment trends.
 Waxing theory will include: hair removal using soft (strip) wax, hard (strip-less) wax, and other advanced hair removal techniques. 
Make-up and color theory will include: daytime, nighttime, special occasion, bridal and fashion looks; face shaping/contour; and brow shaping design techniques. 
Other theory and practical experience that is gained by the student are: lash and brow tinting & camouflage/corrective makeup. 
The Pro Artistry skills taught in our dynamic makeup studio classroom will prepare you for the high demand careers as a waxing specialist and makeup artist.

Benefits of being a CIDESCO Student Member with ESI

  • FREE 3-day admission ($185 value) to America’s Beauty Show, April 28-30, 2018, co-located with the
    International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference Chicago (IECSC) at McCormick Place North, Chicago
  • Your connection to CIDESCO International, CIDESCO Diploma Holders, Accredited Salon /Spas,
    Schools and Members
  • Updates – be current on events, industry news and career growth opportunities through
    CIDESCO U.S.A. for estheticians and INTA Nail Certification for nail technicians
  • Stay Connected – Find us on: Facebook: CIDESCO-USA and also The BIZ – bi-monthly emailed newsletter
    specializing in Salon/Spa services, scientific updates and business articles
  • Licensure Protection and Legislative Advocacy for the esthetics profession
  • Access to professional documents with business advice, salon safety guidelines and more
  • Discounts on American Association for Esthetics (AAE) partner education

*The Elaine Sterling Institute reserves the right to update and or changes to the curriculum at any time

Graduation Rate: 69%
Graduate Placement Rate: 77%
Licensure Exam Pass Rate: 100%
Note: The placement rate was calculated using the accrediting agency formula

At a Glance

Esthetician Program

1000 Clock Hours
9 – 13 Months


Full-Time Esthetician Day Program: Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

Part Time Esthetician Evening Program: Tuesday – Thursday from 5.30pm to 10.00 pm and every Saturday 8.30am-4.30pm

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