Program Overview

Our students have the unique opportunity to learn from the best in the beauty industry, Our cosmetology educator leaders use cutting-edge hair care and beauty technology in a real-world salon environment. See The Elaine Sterling difference for yourself! Creativity meets design. We want to foster your talent to develop the next generation of rock star master cosmetologists!

What sets ESI apart?


On the cutting edge of the beauty industry, the Elaine Sterling Institute’s primary goal is to prepare each student to meet and exceed the requirements of the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology. Our school’s instructional environment, influenced by European beauty traditions and American science. The Elaine Sterling Institute fosters a solid foundation in the practice of cosmetology by providing theory, instructor/guest demonstrations, guided practice, and clinic experience under instructor supervision. Students will have the opportunity to explore many different hands-on aspects that will give them a critical advantage in the Beauty & Salon Industry.

Our educators and staff strive to develop each student’s special talents and creativity with sophisticated techniques and advanced skills to strive for a deeper understanding of the art of cosmetology.

Curriculum Objectives:

  • To provide each student with a quality learning environment.
  • To employ faculty and staff who are dedicated to the Beauty Industry and who possess exemplary educational and ethical standards.
  • To provide an educational experience consisting of the art, science, practice, and ethics of Cosmetology.
  • To provide every student with a wide range of academic and career enhancement opportunities.
  • To encourage personal growth, self-awareness, and respect among faculty and students.
  • Industry Concepts

  • Health and Safety

  • Intro to Science

  • Hair Cutting & Shaping

  • Chemical Waving & Relaxing

  • Hair Coloring and Lightening

  • Hair & Scalp Treatments

  • Manicure

  • Pedicure

  • Makeup

  • Hair Removal

  • Facials

  • Salon Orientation, Business Practices & Advanced Topics

  • Salon Professionalism, State Board + Program Review

ESI offers an exciting the 1500 hour Cosmetology program for licensure.

Full-Time Cosmetology Day Program 

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm


Tuition: $20,995 (Including non-refundable student kit)
Registration Fees: $55
TOTAL: $21,050

ESI offers tuition payment plans and offer federal financial aid. Tuition and registration payments can be made online in our tuition payment section of our website. More information can be found about financial aid and tuition on our Financial Aid page.

Student Kit

Students will receive a Chromebook with access to student learning portal, an ESI Jacket, cosmetology kit, and textbook to perform the required services.

Kits are provided to every student and are subject to change.

After a student completes 1500 hours (250 theory + 1250 service application hours), services, exams and fulfills all financial obligations to the school, a certificate will be awarded.

The Cosmetology program requires that each student have a minimum grade of 75% and the student have a minimum attendance of 80% in order to receive credit/hours in massage therapy related course and clinical work.

State Board Requirements

Science and Infection Control Theory – 40 theory hours/40 clock hours; chemistry; cleansing and disinfection; EPA; OSHA, infection control standards; blood spill procedures; and AIDS; HIV; and communicable diseases.

Theory of Permanent Waving – 45 theory hours/45 clock hours; the chemistry of permanent wave solution and its reaction; the chemistry of relaxers and their reactions; and the principles of permanent wave rod placement.

Theory of Hair Coloring –  45 theory hours/45 clock hours; the chemistry of color; principles of color application; and the chemical reaction of hair color.

Theory of Hair and Scalp Treatments and Conditioning – 20 theory hours/20 clock hours; hair analysis; scalp condition; and treatments.

Theory of Hair Cutting – 25 theory hours/25 clock hours; proper handling and care of instruments.

Theory of Shampooing – 15 theory hours/15 clock hours; proper procedure of shampooing; knowledge of shampooing formulas; and water temperature.

Theory of Hairdressing/Hairstyling – 35 theory hours/35 clock hours; 20 hours training on mannequins; and 15 hours training on live models (without compensation).

Theory of Nail Care and Skin Care – 25 theory hours/25 clock hours; concepts and principles of nail care procedures and correct handling of instruments (10 theory hours/10 clock hours); and concepts and principles of skin care procedures and techniques (15 theory hours/15 clock hours).

Level 2 Theory – 100 theory hours/100 clock hours; cleansing and disinfecting; physiology; electricity; safety precautions; chemistry of beauty products, actions/reactions, and the composition of tints, dyes and bleaches; salesmanship; telephone etiquette; and salon deportment; consisting of courtesy, neatness and professional attitude in meeting the public.

Social Skills, Reception or Desk Work, Art and Ethics, State Board of Cosmetology Laws and Rules – 50 theory hours/50 clock hours.

Laboratory – 50 service application hours/50 clock hours; shall include practical training in preparing germicidal solutions, shampoos, tint and bleaches, practical training in washing and sanitizing all equipment in the beauty salon.

Hairdressing, Shampoo and Comb-out – 170 service application hours/170 applications; shall include shampoos, comprising dry, soap-free, oil and reconditioning; wet curls, thermo-curling, blow drying, hair styles, comb outs and all types of pressing; hot combs.

Hair Cutting and Shaping – 124.5 service application hours/166 applications.

Permanent Waving  – 150 service credit hours/50 applications.

Chemical Hair Relaxing – 139 service application hours; virgin application – (82 service application hours/42 applications); and chemical retouch – (57 service application hours/38 applications).

Hair Coloring and Hair Lightening – 155 service application hours; temporary rinses and semi-permanent color – (9 service application hours/12 applications); virgin color – (40 service application hours/20 applications); color retouches – (20 service application hours/10 applications); hair bleaching and lightening – (80 service applications hours/40 applications); virgin hair lightening (32 service application hours/16 applications); retouch hair lightening (20 service application hours/10 applications); and foiling techniques and placement – (28 service application hours/14 applications). predisposition tests – (3 service application hours); and color removal – (3 service application hours).

Scalp and Hair Treatment 49 service application hours/49 applications; shall include brushing and manipulations, corrective treatments, and reconditioning treatments.

Facial Treatment, Make-up, and Hair Removal – 52.5 service application hours: facial treatments – (30 service application hours/30 applications); make-up applications – (20 service application hours/20 applications); and brow and lash tint – (2.5 service application hours/5 applications).

Hair Removal – 30 service application hours: lip, chin, and face (tweezing, waxing, threading) – (10 service application hours/20 applications); brow tweezing – (10 service application hours/20 applications); and brow waxing – (10 service application hours/20 applications).

Sanitizing and Disinfection of Tools, Implements, and Equipment- 5 service application hours/10 applications: implements (brushes, combs, shears, clippers, flat irons, curling irons, nail and skin care implements) – (1 service application hour/2 applications); shampoo bowls and dryer hoods, styling stations, chairs, mats and work space – (1 service application hour/2 applications); pedicure spa bowls, portable or fixed plumbing – (1 service application hour/2 applications); hair removal and waxing stations – (1 service application hour/2 applications); and manicure stations – (1 service application hour/2 applications).

Manicures, Pedicures, and Nail Sculpting 90 service application hours: manicures with hand and forearm massage – (25 service credit hours/25 applications); pedicures with foot and leg massage – (20 service application hours/20 applications); and nail sculpting – (45 service application hours/15 applications).

For work performed by students, credits will be allowed to students as listed below: one cold or heat wave (including shampoo and set) – 3 clock hours per application; one chemical relaxer – 2 clock hours per application; one chemical relaxer retouch – 1.5 clock hours per application; virgin lightener (including shampoo and set) – 2 clock hours per application; retouch lightener – 2 clock hours per application; foiling – 2 clock hours per application; virgin tint (including shampoo and set) – 2 clock hours per application; tint retouch – 2 clock hours per application; one brow and lash tint – 30 minutes per application; one temporary rinse/semi-permanent color – 45 minutes per application; one shampoo, set and comb out, or one pressing, curling and comb out – 1.5 clock hours per application; one shampoo – 15 minutes per application; one scalp treatment – 1 clock hour per application; one haircut – 45 minutes per application; one facial – 1 clock hour per application; make up application – 1 clock hour per application; hair removal – 30 minutes per application; sanitizing and disinfection of tools, implements, and equipment – 30 minutes per application; one manicure – 1 clock hour per application; one pedicure – 1 clock hour per application; and one full set of sculptured nail application – 3 clock hours per application.


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