What People Say

Jacelyn Morris-Dean
I have really enjoyed Ms. Gina's online class! She is an awesome teacher and breaks down the material for comprehensive and does not overwhelm.
Natasha Harvey
Esthetician Student
To anyone interested in Elaine’s laser class, I have only good things to say. It sounds daunting at first if you have never wielded a laser or tried to read the literature on lasers. The 2-day laser class is an excellent start. You will understand the difference in fluence and spot size…All that jargon. Elaine has the state-of-the-art lasers and the latest models, so no antiquated equipment. The classrooms are spacious and clean. Good luck to all interested in the course. Perhaps I should mention that Elaine is not only a wonderful teacher, but a gregarious character as well.
Susan Christine-Pollonais
Esthetician - Spa Owner (Barbados)
Elaine Sterling and her team have taught me beyond my expectations and have truly inspired me in so many ways. I have had the privilege of taking Elaine’s class in esthetics, Laser taught by Toni Stanfill, makeup with Kat Flynt and Alethea Tinkle. What an amazing group of educators! The education I received was exceptional. As I begin my career I feel blessed to have met and learned from Elaine and her team. I now have the confidence and knowledge to take my career to the highest level and love what I am doing. I also know that Elaine and her team will always be there for me as they have always shown such support and consideration. Thank you Elaine!
Sona Martinez
Licensed Cosmetologist
Elaine Sterling has not only been a great instructor, but has continued to lead her students. I now own a medical spa and Elaine continues to provide guidance and clinical advice for me. I appreciate and admire her ambition in this field and look forward to her continued support.
Lisa Easton
Bellus Rejuvenation Medical Spa
I am really glad I took the laser class offered at The Elaine Sterling Institute. Elaine’s school is very nice & professional. Tony Stanfill is an excellent instructor and she is very thorough in teaching laser safety and education. I thought there was plenty of hands on experience with the different lasers. After taking the class, I got offered a position at a dermatology practice.
Marisa Costigan
Medical Esthetician
Elaine, it was my pleasure to get to know you and have you as my mentor during my time as your student during my introduction to esthetics. Without your expertise and approval I may not have had the confidence I needed to face such a major career change. Thank you so much!
Cher Clark
Just wanted to touch base with you and say thank you so much for your classes at TIEGA!! EVERYONE LOVED YOU!!! You are a wonderful educator, knowledgeable and entertaining, especially in the way you teach!! We are looking forward to the GACTE Conference in July! Take care and again thank you very much!
Janice Laster
Cosmetology Instructor
Elaine Sterling turned my education into something more than a state board requirement. She offered an insight to her expertise and international techniques. With her advanced education I was able to enter the workforce with the knowledge and skills that enabled me to open my own successful skin care studio.
Jeffrey Passmore
Licensed Skin Therapist and Graduate
Elaine Sterling is a sharp (well dressed!), focused, intelligent and well-educated professional in her field. Elaine demonstrates the ability to direct large groups of people in a fast-paced environment with diverse cultures and personalities. Her communications skills are excellent (Lecturer, Demonstration, Presentation and Training). Elaine’s higher standards are shown in her genuine interest for her company and her career. I received one of my extra certifications in Electrotherapy, specifically, Microdermabrasion from Elaine Sterling and will take that training with me throughout my career in skincare.
Janie Shelton
I just wanted you to know that I passed my written exam last week with a 87% and my practical today with a 91%. You absolutely trained us for success so its only right that we go out and become successful! I can’t thank you enough for setting the standard of excellence and expecting it from us each and everyday. When I arrived to state board the other students from various schools were asking me where I was from, my guess would be because I was so well put together, and when I told them “The Elaine Sterling Institute” they said wow I heard that school is excellent. I said it is, one student even said she wished she had gone there lol.. Nevertheless, I just wanted you to know that I am not only proud of myself but I am also proud that your school was not only my 1st choice, but my only choice.
Amirh Ford
Esthetician, Natural Beauty Contour