Online Learning

Online learning made easy at The Elaine Sterling Institute! The goal of our programs is to qualify and equip students with the tools, experience and confidence necessary to pass the State of Georgia Licensing Examination and to assure students are the top candidates for future employers or business opportunities.

What sets ESI apart?

Our curriculums are on the same structure whether you attend online or at our location. Here is just a snippet of what makes us the premiere spa & beauty school in Atlanta: 

  • Students receive a Chromebook or tablet with their student kit equipped with everything you need to succeed
  • Hybrid on-campus and online learning plus dedicated online instructors are ready to assist you with live lectures and learning modules
  • Full-time day and part-time evening schedules available

Online Learning Testimonials

I have really enjoyed Ms. Gina's online class! She is an awesome teacher who breaks down the material and does not overwhelm.
Natasha Harvey
Esthetician Student

Benefits To Online Learning

Online learning can be easily incorporated into your life and schedule. This makes it easier to find work-life balance, especially since you will not have to worry about time commuting to campus. ESI will provide students with the technology needed to be successful while learning online. Our learning platform My ESI Connect allows students to complete your assignments on your time from any device. ESI will provide each student with a laptop, Chromebook or tablet to make the transition to online learning easy. Students will continue to use the same learning technology inside the classroom.

Our ESI App allows students to track attendance, grades, and credits all from a smart phone.

While students are learning theory online you are not alone. Students will have interactive time with their educator everyday where you can ask questions and interact with your classmates online. Since our online courses are with a live educator, online students can study from the comfort of your own home. Course materials are always available and accessible via My ESI Connect taking the stress and anxiety out of online learning.
Imagine studying when you want. While students will login with an educator at a designated time everyday submitting your assignments and studying can be done with flexibility. All lessons and demos are available on your device through MyESIConnect. Login from home, the coffee shop, or any place you find comfortable and conducive to learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know is right here. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Admissions Director or to visit our FAQ page, click here.

When will I begin classes?

New students begin classes every 3 weeks. 

How does the distance/online education work?

Students login daily to Microsoft Teams and My ESI Connect in order to review demonstrations, complete coursework and engage with their educator.  

How long will I be online before returning to campus?

Depending on your schedule, you will begin to come on campus 

Full- time day: starting at 80 hours 1-3 days per week and at 200 hours 5 days per week.

Part-time evening: starting at 80 hours 1-4 days a week.

Do I need my own laptop?

No, you will be provided a tablet, laptop or Chromebook equipped will all of the applications you need to be successful. 

Our new students will be sent their distance education student kit before school starts, which includes a tablet, laptop or Chromebook and textbooks. Our innovative education will allow you to access our virtual education. 

*Due to the high demand for online learning nationally technology is limited and students will receive the best available devices.

How long will it take to receive my tablet, laptop or Chromebook?

Generally, you will receive your tablet, laptop or Chromebook on your first day of school. 

*Due to the high demand for online learning nationally technology is limited and may experience shipment delays

Is the tuition going to be reduced because of online courses?

The tuition remains the same as if you were on campus full time as  you will be getting the same amount of clock hours, theory, and demos.

The programs are a hybrid format meaning all clinical and practical applications are on campus.

Can you give an example of some of the assignments?

Online assignments can include:

  • Watching a video on our virtual library and sharing takeaways that you learned.
  • Reading chapters and answering questions to show they know the material.
  • Our educators are also doing look and learns over Teams, which is essentially live demos.

Can you think of any advantages to online education versus in-person?

The main advantage is that it’s much more intimate and allows the student to learn at their own pace. You can get through a lot of theory, giving you a very strong foundation. The educators are also very attentive. Of course another huge advantage is that you’re home. You don’t have to physically come to school, so working in your own environment at your own pace is a great benefit.

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