Nail Care Program

Atlanta, Georgia Nail Care School

Program Objective
The ESI Nail Care program is designed to provide the student with the necessary requirements needed to pass the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology examination as well as prepare them for an entry level position in a salon or spa. The need for professional Nail Technicians to provide creative artistic, healthy and beauty solutions for the nails is growing significantly and our objective is to assure we train and educate the top candidates in the industry.

ESI Nail Care Program is a hands-on instructional class, teaching you the basics of a manicure, pedicure, Gel polish manicure, Nail Enhancements, Creative nail art, and the latest nail trends in the industry. The Nail Care program is designed to provide knowledge in all phases of nail care industry by allowing the student to perform services in a state of the art nail spa environment.
The ultimate objective for the ESI Nail Care program is to prepare students to meet the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology requirements and to become a professional licensed Nail Technician.

Program Description
ESI offers an exciting the 600 hour nail care program for licensure where you can become a nail technician in 6 1/2 months – 8 months. The ESI dynamic nail care program is facilitated in a state of the art Nail Spa and Aqua Lounge. Learn the latest trends in nail care.


Day Schedule

Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

 Evening Schedule

Tuesday through Thursday 6pm – 10pm and Saturdays 8:30am to 4:30pm

Tuition Costs

Tuition $10,450.00 (Including non-refundable student kit)
Registration Fees: $55
TOTAL: $10,505

Method of Payment
Tuition and fee payments may be arranged on a weekly or monthly basis. The first payment is due on the first day of class, and on the 10th day of each month thereafter.

Student Kit & Materials

Media Books
Milady’s Standard Nail Technology Textbook

Students will receive an ESI Hoodie, an equipment bag, and a nail kit with all the necessary instruments and materials to perform the required services.

Core Nail Care Program Curriculum

Level 1
10 Hours
Personal Hygiene, Ethics and Customer Care
1. What is personal hygiene
2. Dressing for success
3. Good student habits
4. Effective communications

50 Hours
Sanitation and Sterilization
AIDS, HIV and Universal Precautions
EPA, OSHA, Government Standards and Blood Spill Procedures
1. State laws and rules
2. Hepatitis and HIV
3. Difference between sanitation, disinfection and sterilizing
4. Types of bacteria
5. Classifications of bacteria and their diseases
6. Universal Precautions
7. Types of disinfectants
8. Use of disinfectants

5 Hours
Physiology and anatomy of the hands, arm and legs
1. Importance of anatomy, physiology, and histology
2. Cells, their structure, and their reproduction
3. Types of tissue in the body
4. 11 Main body systems and explain their basic function

10 Hours
Skin Structure and growth
Nail Structure and growth
Diseases and Disorders of the Nail and Skin
1. Structure and composition of the skin
2. Functions of the skin
3. Health of the skin
4. Skin disorders and diseases
5. Structure and composition of the nail
6. Nail growth
7. Various disorders and irregularities of nails
8. Recognition of diseases and when not to treat in a salon

10 Hours
1. Difference between organic and inorganic chemistry
2. Different forms of matter, elements, compounds and mixtures
3. Difference between solutions, suspensions and emulsions
4. The pH scale
5. Basic chemistry of salon products
6. Adhesion
7. Nail coating
8. Overexposure principles

5 Hours
Implements usage, procedures and safety
1. Four typeS of nail implements/tools
2. Proper use of implements/tools
3. Sanitation and disinfection of implements/tools
4. Store age implements/tools

5 Hours
Salon Business and Operations
1. Origins of nail care
2. Advances in nail care
3. Career opportunities available to licensed nail technician

5 Hours
Client Care and consultation
1. Recommending the right treatment
2. Consultation forms
3. Recording keeping

30 Hours
Business development, Marketing, Advertising and Retailing
Career Planning, Resume Writing
1. Types of salon businesses
2. Networking
3. Exploring job market
4. Job preparation
5. Writing a resume
6. Interviewing
7. Compensation methods
8. Marketing/advertising nail services
9. Going into business for yourself
10. Record keeping
11. Ticket upgrades or up servicing clients
10 Hours
Georgia State Board Laws and Rules
State Board Examination Preparation
1. Examination of state laws and rule
2. Prep class for State Board Practical Exam
3. Prep class for State Board Written Exam

Total hours for Level 1 – 140 Hours
When student has completed Level 1 requirements, they must pass an evaluation with a score of 75% or higher to proceed to Level 2

Level 2
100 Hours
Basic of Manicure, Spa Manicures
1. Continuing instruction of Decontamination
2. Identify types of nail implements
3. Cleaning and storage of nail implements and equipment
4. Three-Part Procedure in use of a manicure
5. Five basic nail shapes for women
6. Most popular nail shapes for men
7. Difference between basic and spa manicure
8. Use of aromatherapy in a manicure
9. Massage movements for hand and arm
10. Paraffin wax treatment
11. Techniques for polish application
12. Spa Manicure

75 Hours
Basic Pedicure and Deluxe Pedicure
1. Continuing instruction of Decontamination
2. Identify types of pedicure implements and equipment
3. Cleaning and storage of pedicure equipment
4. Difference between basic and deluxe pedicure
5. Treatments for callus, products
6. Performing a pedicure
7. Massage movements for lower leg and foot
8. Reflexology
9. Use of aromatherapy in a pedicure
10. Paraffin wax treatment
11. Techniques for polish application
12. Performing a deluxe pedicure

115 Hours
Nail Sculpting
1. Monomer liquid and polymer powder nail enhancement chemistry and how it works
2. Identify parts of a nail enhancement
3. Types of enhancement brushes
4. Application of a one-color enhancement
5. Application of a two-color enhancement
6. One-color maintenance
7. Two-color maintenance
8. Crack repair
9. Removal of sculptured nail

100 Hours
Nail Tips and Wraps
1. Types of nail tips
2. Application and filing of tips
3. Application of a one-color enhancement on nail tips
4. Two-week maintenance
5. Removal of tips with overlay
6. Types of fabrics used in nail wrap
7. Application of the types of fabric in nail wraps on natural nail and over tips
8. Two-week maintenance
9. Four-week maintenance
10. Removal of wraps on natural nails

30 Hours
Nail Art Techniques
Airbrush Nail Art
1. Color therapy
2. Use of airbrush in nail art
3. Nail polish used in creating nail art
4. 3-D nail art with liquid and polymer
5. Hand painted nail art
6. Embellishment use in nail art

20 Hours
Advanced Techniques
1. Different types UV Gels
2. Application of UV gels over natural nail, sculpture and tips
3. Application of one-color UV gel
4. Application of two-color UV gel
5. Application of UV polishes
6. Removal of UV gels and polish

Total Hours Level 2 = 460 Hours
When student has completed Level 2 requirements, they must pass an evaluation with a score of 75% or higher to graduate.
Total Hours and credits needed to complete the Nail CARE Program = 600 hours/credits REQUIRED

Required Credits

Theory 140 Hours

Sanitizing & Disinfection of tools, implements & Equipment: 5 Service hours/10 applications

  • Implements-Brushes, tools & nail care equipment: 3 service hours/6 applications
  • Manicure stations, pedicure spas, beds & equipment: 2 service hours/4 applications

Manicure with hand and forearm massage: 70 service hours/70 applications

Pedicure with foot & Leg massage: 60 Service Hours/60 applications

Nail Sculpting: 60 service hours/30 applications

Artificial Tip Overlay: 60 service Hours/30 applications

Nail Wrapping: 20 service hours/20 Applications

UV Gel Nails: 20 service hours/20 applications

Fill-in application: 40 service hours/40 applications

Artificial Nail Removal/nail repair: 10 service hours/20 applications

Professional Drill usage: 5 service hours/10 applications

Nail Art Techniques: 5 service hours/5 applications

Airbrush Nail Art: 5 service hours/5 applications

Paraffin treatments for hands & feet: 5 service hours/10 applications

Student Competition: 20 service hours/20 applications

Spa Management: 75 service hours

Credit Hours Defined

Manicure with hand and forearm massage: 1 clock hour per application

Pedicure with foot and leg massage: 1 clock hour per application

Nail Sculpting: 3 clock hours per application

Artificial Tip Application with Overlay: 2 clock hours per application

Nail Wrapping: (natural nails only): 1 clock hour per application

Ultraviolet (UV) gel nails: 1 clock hour per application

Fill in Application: 1 clock hour per application

Nail Repair or artificial nail removal: 30 minutes per application

Professional nail drill usage: 30 minutes per application

Nail art and airbrush techniques (full set): 1 clock hour per application

Natural Nail Overlay: 1 clock hour per application

Parrafin Treatment: 30 minutes

Graduation & Completion

After a student completes 600, services, exams and fulfills all financial obligations to the school, a certificate will be awarded.

Completion Time
Completion time depends on the schedule the student chooses and attends regularly. Based on a 27.5 hour per week schedule, the normal time frame of completion would be 6 1/2 months or 22 weeks. The other schedule is a 19.5 hour per week schedule so the normal time frame of completion would be 7 months or 31 weeks.

*The Elaine Sterling Institute reserves the right to update and or changes to the curriculum at any time

Graduation Rate: 65%
Graduate Placement Rate: 82%
Licensure Exam Pass Rate: 100%
Note: The placement rate was calculated using the accrediting agency formula