How to Write a Good Resume


A good resume allows for a confident career search. Here are 4 tips that will help you stand out to employers:

Begin with a capabilities summary

In this short introductory summary, identify what attributes you will deliver to an employer and express your passion for the industry. Whether it be exemplary customer service, experience with advanced technology, or extensive knowledge of cosmetic ingredients, employers are looking for driven individuals with superior skills.

Tailor your resume to the business

Employers receive hundreds of resumes every day, so it is important that yours stands out and does not feel formulaic. Before you write your resume, spend some time researching your potential employer. For example, if they are they a Med Spa see what kinds of machines they use. Then be sure to highlight your knowledge and experience with the same or similar technology.

Outline your professional experience and career accomplishments

Even if you have never been employed by a spa or other industry setting, your clinic days at ESI provides you with plenty of professional experience. Quantify your practical experience to your advantage. For instance stating “Performed approximately 150 basic and advanced facial treatments on clients” sounds a lot better than simply “Performed facials.”

Limit your resume to one page

As previously stated, employers receive numerous resumes from prospective hires. The last thing they want to do is read through multiple pages of what could have been a one-page document. Don’t let long-winded wording or typos rule yours out for consideration!  Your resume should be clearly formatted, concisely worded and be free from any grammatical errors.


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