Help for brittle nails

Written by: De Glakas

Help for brittle and peeling nails:

First thing is finding out what is causing this disorder and what can be some of the triggers. For instance, cold weather, diet, medication or it is inherited.

Horsetail herb, in pill or tea form, is said to have antioxidant effects. The silica derived from its herb is important for maintaining body tissue.

Nails are made of protein keratin so to have strong nails, include protein into your diet. Suggest eating grass-feed beef, free-range poultry, wild-caught fish, and plant based (not soy) protein powder. Also, taking in the required amount of fruits or vegetable or taking “the next best thing” juice.

Add Vitamin E orally, this supplement restores moisture and strength.

Topical application of cuticle oil, moisturizers, vitamin E or OPI Nail Envy Polish can help keep the nail plate moist. Keep your nails short. The longer the free edge, the older the nail plate cells and more likely to be brittle.

Protect your hands and nails by wearing gloves, in the cold or while clean (wet or dry).

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