Elaine Sterling

Owner & Founder

School Director, Founder, CEO LE, LEI, CIDESCO, ITEC

Elaine Sterling is an internationally trained, certified, licensed Beauty Therapist and Educator. 

Elaine’s Mission & Vision

I love the skin and work every moment of the day to find solutions to problematic skin conditions. I am relentless in the pursuit of more beautiful skin.

- Elaine Sterling

Mission Statement
To establish and maintain an environment of creative learning where students, faculty and staff can reach their full potential both personally and professionally.

1. Build Relationships
2. Value diversity
3. Become the global leader in spa education
4. Grow Elaine Sterling Skincare
5. Empower women


Originally from South Africa our founder, Elaine Sterling, holds both the prestigious CIDESCO (Switzerland) Diplomat and ITEC(London) certifications. A licensed Esthetician and Licensed Esthetician Instructor, Elaine has a passion for skin health and overall wellbeing. In her speaking engagements and written publications concerning the “Theater of the spa experience”; she is passionate about the power of the well trained spa professional and how their healing touch can affect peoples lives.

Prior to founding the Elaine Sterling Institute, Elaine’s professional positions have included Director of Education of a large skincare school in Atlanta and Esthetic and Training Director at Spa Sydell, a highly successful and innovative Day Spa group also based in Atlanta.

In my vast experience as an Esthetician and Educator I have seen first hand my client’s frustration with their skin issues. My belief is that Men and Women should look and feel beautiful at any age. After years of research and testing on what I like to call the “living laboratory” (students, clients, patients), I have worked to improve the aesthetic world by developing products, tools and education programs focusing on the art and science of beauty enhancement.

I love the skin and work every moment of the day to find solutions to problematic skin conditions. I am relentless in the pursuit of more beautiful skin. This is my mission, my passion and my vision. Knowledge, science and art is in everything I do … from education to product development.

The connection of skin to health and wellbeing is paramount to me and is reflected and energized in all my professional endeavors from writing to keynote speaking and spa business coaching.

While speaking, presenting, writing and training on the subject of “The Theater of the Spa Experience”, I am motivated and encouraged when I see evidence of the positive affects on and changes brought to people’s lives. The power of a professionally-trained Spa touch is invaluable in the stress-filled world we live in.  My desire for the health and beauty enhancement concept to be promoted at every available opportunity drives me forward in pursuit of excellence in my field of expertise.

Elaine will be speaking as a keynote speaker on November 17th for the AACS national conventional regarding adding skincare programs to educational facilities.


In my experience dealing with clients, patients, and frustrated skincare product consumers I have found that feeding the skin vital antioxidants and anti-inflammatory type botanicals will help the skin to repair itself. I do not believe you have to traumatize the skin to see results. While using the progressive rather than aggressive attitude we can take the skin to a new level. Bring about change to problematic skin conditions through daily care. Results without trauma to the skin. “First Do No Harm” Is my mantra.

I bring you a skincare line that works … you will love it … this is my gift to you!
–Elaine Sterling

Professional Organization Leadership

Esthetics America (NCA) Leadership Council member (2004-2006)

Media Involvement

Television appearances
Atlanta and Company
•  Non Surgical alternatives
Atlanta and Company
•  Choosing a Spa Career
•  Benefits of Prenatal Massage
Atlanta Tonight Television
•  Spa Sydell Products and Services

Print Media Features
Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) Newspaper
•  The art of the bath
•  Women Focusing on Skincare – Looking Good Not a Matter of Makeup
New You Atlanta
•  Natural Nails
Gwinnett/Luxurious Living
•   Winter Dryness

Best Self Atlanta Magazine

•  2013 Lesson Plan for Success Print/ Beauty and Anti-Aging Web feature

Key Note Speakerships

  • 2008 TIEGA winter conference, Newnan GA
    Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, Non Surgical Alternatives
  • 2007 Vegas Spa Show
    Oxygenation Treatments (Demonstrations)
  • 2006 Vegas Spa show
    Non Surgical Alternatives
  • 2006 Long Beach Spa Show
    Building a spa Menu
  • 2006 HOOTERS Corporate Training
    5 minute makeovers and skincare education
  • 2006 What Woman Want EXPO
    Non Surgical Alternatives
  • 2005 What Woman Want Expo (Cobb Galleria)
    “Beauty at any age”
  • 2005 Visit Florida Group
    Wellness and relaxation techniques you can really use
  • 2005 Esthetics America Premiere Spa Show
    September-Orlando-Education and training presentation
  • 2005 AACS Convention Miami
    Spokesperson for France Laure Skin Care line
  • 2001 DDM
    Managing Stress-Techniques You Can Use Everyday
  • 2002 Atlanta CA Society
    Coping with Stress in a Changing world
  • 2003 Courtyard by Marriott – Southeast GM
    Stress Management Techniques that work
  • 2004 Academy Somatic Healing Arts (ASHA)
    Working in the Spa World
  • 2014 AACS annual convention- Skincare program a viable option

Community Involvement

Elaine passionately believes in giving back to the community, and does so in a number of ways. To expand the educational experience for students in Georgia, Elaine served on the curriculum advisory board for the Georgia Department of Education. She shares her time and her expertise to ensure that students receive a more sophisticated and well rounded esthetics education. Her volunteer work also extends to webinars, field trips, and school visits for students in under privileged communities to provide information about career opportunities.

A letter from the Georgia Department of Education:

“Elaine, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the support you have provided our High School Cosmetology programs in Georgia. Your help in providing field trips; serving on our new statewide curriculum development team; delivering webinars on skin care to students and teachers, leading teacher professional development; and serving on the State Cosmetology Advisory Committee has been extremely valuable. Your willingness to share your expertise and most importantly your time is much appreciated.”

-Program Specialist
GA Department of Education

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