Makeup Brushes are your friends (treat them nicely)

Makeup Brushes are our best friends when it comes to our beautiful, flawless makeup applications. So if we want to keep that bond and friendship going, we need to keep them clean. As a person that uses makeup daily for my everyday beauty needs I clean my brushes once a week with and antibacterial soap and let the dry over night by laying them on a flat surface with a cotton towel underneath and I cover them with a paper towel to dry.
Step 1: Wash them in my sink initially letting the warm water begin the process of removing the makeup from each brush.
Step 2: Add my antibacterial soap and I let the magic begin.
When we apply our makeup daily without cleaning our brushes regularly, what we don’t realize is that our makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacterial that has a gradual effect on our skin, this can stop our skin from looking its best.
We have to stop the bacteria from growing each time we use our brushes; this is done on a daily basis if we want to have and keep healthy glowing skin and flawless makeup applications.
You wonder how that would work? Well, you can start off by using a spray brush cleaner.
The next question in your mind might be, where do I find them, or I’ve never heard of them. These cleaners have been around for years, makeup artist use them when they are working on multiple people in fast-paced environments.
Makeup at counters use them like Mac, Sephora, and the Bobby Brown counter to name a few. You can you spray makeup brush cleaner before each makeup application daily.
So why would you want to do this? By using a makeup brush cleaner each day before use, you will be able to create a beautiful look without applying dirt and bacterial to the skin from a previous use.
Spray the product onto a preferably white cotton paper towel sheet or white towel and begin wiping the brush until you simply have removed all residue of makeup from the brushes. 
I love to use white cotton because it really shows you how much makeup was in each brush. 
  • Once you see that all your makeup has been removed, you can begin your makeup application.
A great reason to use the spray cleaner daily is you won’t have any down time with drying, the ingredients such a bark extract increases the brush drying capacity by reducing the growth and bacterial but also increases the drying process.
Your skin can stay beautiful and flawless by making these simple changes in your beauty regime.
1.      A great spray cleaner to use is the Sephora Master cleanse: Daily Brush Cleaner it has bark extract which is an antioxidant and helps to deactivate free radicals daily. This brush cleaner is a great buy and ranges from $8.50-$15.00, and you pick it up
2.    Other tips on cleaning would be to clean your brushes once a week with Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, and it’s only a few dollars. The benefits of cleaning Your brushes with this brand is that is soap free that means it won’t be as drying to the brushes, hyper allogenic, dermatology tested and paraben free. 
For best results, you should be clean your brushes every week to stop the growth of bacteria. By using the brush pray daily, it’s great to prevent bacteria buildup. Plus you will love the soft feel your brushes after they dry. They will feel and smell amazing.
These beauty tips on brush cleaning should be followed daily to help prevent the Spread of bacteria, your SKIN will thank you for it by giving you that flawless makeup application. 


Say “YES ” to clean makeup brushes!!!!
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Understanding Wrinkles

The difference between fine lines and wrinkles: Fine line are majorly in our outer most layer of the skin called the epidermis. Application of lotions and potions may diminish the signs of fine lines.

Wrinkles occur in the dermis, where much of the skin’s important work is done. The dermis also contain a dense network of collagen and elastin, when healthy is loose and pliable. Collagen and elastin, types of protein, give skin it suppleness, tautness and it’s youthful look. Wrinkles appear when these protein are damaged or scared by intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) factors.

Along with natural aging, wrinkles get a big boost from these factors:

• Sun exposure

• Cigarette smoke (inhaled, secondhand or thirdhand)

• Environmental toxins

• Lack of water

• A nutrition-poor diet, especially one lacking in vitamins A, C, E, and folic acid yet high in fat and salt

• Excess alcohol consumption

• Lack of exercise

• Free Radicals

• Stress

• Harsh soaps, detergent-based moisturizers and cosmetics

• Sleep deprivation

You can’t escape wrinkles but you can delay and avoid the severity of them.
-Authored by Ms. De esthetician instructor extraordinaire

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