The Elaine Sterling Institute was founded by Elaine Sterling in 2008 and is located in the heart of the City of Atlanta. Elaine saw the need for quality education that would match the fast-paced and growing field of esthetics. She has created a school that is renowned and internationally recognized for high educational standards. Elaine’s vision for a spa-like environment for her students to learn the very best of European techniques with the latest equipment was of paramount importance from inception.

The ESI Experience

Multi-Faceted Learning Environment

Prestigious Education




Our Mission

The mission of The Elaine Sterling institute is to be the global leader in Spa education by combining classical European traditions of Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Care, and Massage Therapy with modern American scientific technologies. We do this through providing educational excellence to our students with a long-term commitment to their personal and professional development.


Our Vision

The Institutional vision is integral to the future success of our educational programs and ultimately our graduates’ success in the workplace.  The instructional and administrative staff realizes they must be committed to the Institution’s mission and vision in-order to attain the objectives and goals of the strategic plan.

The vision statement of the Elaine Sterling Institute is to provide programs of educational excellence and to instruct our students in the competencies set by the state board of cosmetology and Massage Therapy; equipping students with the required skills to pass the state board examinations and to enter the work force.  Realizing this vision will ensure ESI has programs that are of the highest standard and its graduates will be sought by employers in the spa and medical spa industry.


Our Core Values

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